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With no “formal” Art Education, but with an innate curiosity and attraction to the world of Arts, I am a self-taught mixed media artist who sculpts low-firing clay and uses various post-fired techniques to create compelling works of art where organic mud joins different objects in harmonic balance.


Artists are storytellers. Whatever the medium - painting, sculpture, music, words - we are constantly expressing the tale of who we are. I have always had the need to do something with my hands in order to “create” what is in my mind, influenced by the different cultures I have had the chance to live in.


My work is mainly figurative where color, love, longing, hope, emotions, humor, imagery, rhythm, and balance are conjugated as a reflection of my experiences. I started out painting but quickly moved into sculpture. A need for a three-dimensional expression that allows people to see and touch my creations led me to this development.


Photo by Marie Gibbons

I Believe Art is

for Everyone


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