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Photo by Marie Gibbons

I Believe Art Can

Change the World

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, where I started, more than 35 years ago, my artistic adventure in sculpting and painting. I continued the adventure in Paris, France, for 18 years before moving to Boulder, Colorado, in 2002.


I am a very curious self-taught clay sculptor and mixed media artist. Additionally, I am a Chemist with a PhD in Material Sciences who has lived, worked, and traveled in different countries around the world, taking experiences and learning from their cultures...


In a nutshell, my life is a natural balance between CULTURES, ARTS, and SCIENCES.


 Training with Artists:

  • Roxanne Swentzell, Pojoaque, New Mexico, USA

  • Marie Gibbons, Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Bebe Alexander, Arvada, Colorado, USA

  • Megan Kogijiki Ratchford, Arvada, Colorado, USA

  • Lamberto Bargallo, Paris, France

  • Robert Pérot, living models sculpture, Paris, France.


 Other Trainings

  • “Ecole du Louvre”: Art History, Museology, Paris, France.

  • Savigny-sur-Orge Municipal School of Plastic Arts, Savigny, France

  • Chantilly Municipal Cultural Center , Chantilly, France

  • Compiègne Municipal School of Fine Arts, Compiègne, France

  • National School of Sculpture Angelina Curiel, Caracas, Venezuela.

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